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Purchase the CD!"Tripping Up The Stairs"

This CD is an excellent sampler of several major types of traditional Irish music - a great album to start or grow your collection.

It includes beautiful love songs as well as outlaw ballads, lively a capella songs (sung without instrumental accompaniment) and hard driving instrumental jigs and reels some preceded by lyrical music from the 17th century harpist, Turlough O'Carolan. You'd be hard pressed to find a better collection of such a variety of authentic traditional Irish music.

Here are some sample tracks from Toraigh's CD, "Tripping Up The Stairs" in RealMedia and mp3 format.

Newry Town Windows Media Player

Star of the County Down Windows Media Player

Scatter the Mud Windows Media Player

The Old Chemise Windows Media Player

Visit Real Media or Windows Media if you need to download the free players.

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